Data disassociation is the state of information numbness caused by the deluge by figures and statistics in our daily lives. This web app attempts to remedy said disassociation by giving sound to the lived experiences behind a spreadsheet.

Specifically, it is a sonification of the Motor Vehicle Collision data available on NYC’s OpenData portal for the date .

The web application plays a collision sound for each collision event in the 24-hour period, compressed into roughly 2.5 minutes. Sounds are randomly selected per event, so each playback is unique. The sounds are gathered from dashcam and security footage of collisions, but are not specific to the collisions they represent.

Sounds are spatialized as though the listener were in the center of Manhattan and all of NYC was within hearing distance.

Made by Riley Hoonan | Parsons Spring 2017
Exhibited in 4-channel surround sound at Anyways Here’s the Thing May 1st 2017 for 'Sonic Mesh'

Motor Vehicle Collisions - NYC -